I co-ordinate and teach a range of units at the University of Western Australia, including;

  • PHIL1001 (Justice and Contemporary Ethics) – 2019-present (with Michael Rubin).
  • PHIL2001 (Bioethics) – 2020.
  • PPHE2211 (History of Political Ideas) – 2019-present.
  • PPHE3001 (Integrating Philosophy, Politics, and Economics: Rational Choice) – from 2021.
  • PPHE3327 (Contemporary Political Theory) – 2019-present.
  • PHIL4101 (Advanced Moral Philosophy) – 2019.
  • PHIL4102 (Advanced Social and Political Philosophy) – 2020.

In the past, I have also co-ordinated and taught several other units, including;

  • PHIL2113 (Global Justice) – 2017, Australian National University (with Chad Lee-Stronach).
  • PHIL2634 (Democratic Theory) – 2016, Sydney University.
  • PHIL2663 (Justice) – 2014-2016, Sydney University.
  • PHIL3663 (Justice: Advanced) – 2014-2016, Sydney University.

My teaching has been strongly reviewed, and I have received numerous teaching commendations. For full details, see my CV. My (rather out of date) teaching statement may be found here.

I would be happy to provide sample teaching materials upon request.